she’s internally dying

Why is it…that I am supposed to be a strong woman. A strong black woman supposedly. That’s all I hear when my friends–especially if they are non-black– tell me. You’re so strong! I can totally see you being a single mother! As if that’s a compliment. Who wants to be a single mother? Does any […]

To Grandmother’s I Go

    I find myself thinking of home a lot. I’ve lived in four houses (one of them was an apartment) since I was born. Certainly not a lot, but the search for a home is something that I am constantly looking for.   The first home I lived in was the house my mother […]

Birthday Blues. Yay or Nay?

Today is my twenty-seventh birthday and I couldn’t be happier. I once thought I would be upset about aging and if this were the younger me, I definitely would be. But I heard or read somewhere that your thirties are better than your twenties. I don’t know about that, but I’ve noticed that as I get […]


     I’m tired of being fucking reasonable Of having to be calm, cool, collected I want to be angry. I want to be mad. I want to claim my birthright. Hysteric. It has been calling to me for the longest Through the ages from mitochondrial eve Adam probably called her a bitch too. I’m […]

School Daze

Or rather college daze I suppose I should say. I have once again begun a new semester. It seems…unseemingly, but it took a lot to get back including paying back federal funds through a mishap on my part that I shan’t talk about anymore. No! The important thing is that I am back where I […]