Secrets in a Small Town Book Review

So I guess this would be my first blog post. Well not really, since I’ve been blogging since I was fifteen, but this one would be my first public one. I had a lot of trouble deciding what type of blog this would be, but I’m thinking it’s going to be an entertainment blog. My definition of that would be books, music, movies, television, etc. It might also double as a DIY blog.

So here’s my first review:


I started this book (Secrets in a Small Town by Kimberly van Meter) a few days ago. It started off strong and I thought that the author was doing a good job. My only qualm with it, is that it ended too quickly. I think there were too many sub-plots running and they weren’t wrapped up in a good way. I know that Harlequin has a certain amount of words for their specific lines, so I think Secrets in a Small Town would have done better in the HQN line by the same publishing company. But I did enjoy Piper and Owen, I just didn’t like the way the story was wrapped up.

All in all. I liked it, but I thought it would been better suited for another publishing line. I felt like I didn’t get a chance to really know the characters and their respective stories were wrapped up too quickly. So I think it merits three stars.