Girls on Film by Zoey Dean Review

I think I’m in a young adult mood. But when am I not in a young adult mood? I finished up Girls on Film and now I’m reading Matched by Ally Condie and really enjoying that. Here’s a short little review for Girls on Film. Girls on Film by Zoey Dean My rating: 4 of […]

Catching Up

The days have gotten away from me clearly. But I have been reading! I started The Diamond Secret by Suzanne Weyn. I was half way through it and really enjoying it when I discovered the book started over again from page 35. Now I have to call Amazon and tell them of this mistake. Although […]

Radiance by Alyson Noel Review

I feel oddly productive today. I did all the things on my to-do list. I bought a couple of movies and I think I’m still wired for that Starbucks energy shot. I knew I should have just got a coke. But I finished the first book of December and I quite enjoyed it. Radiance by […]

Movies and A Begone Era

In total this year, I’ve watched only eleven movies. To me that’s a good thing, but since I have no recollection of other years, I’m not sure if I’ve decreased or increased my viewing. I’ve been a major Natalie Portman fan since the age of fourteen. This is also around the time I became obsessed […]