And Only To Deceive Review

Six books down and four to go for the month of January. I’ve made it a goal to read 10 books a month including a classic of my choice. And Only Deceive is my sixth book.


When I first started reading the book, it took me awhile to get into it. Usually I intend to read a full 100 pages, but I only got into the thirties at first. But after I took some time off and I started to read again, I found myself becoming engrossed in the book.

I’ve always loved to learn and reading about Emily’s thoughts on the Illaid and Greek art. There were some lovely snippets from the epic poem and it made me want to pull out my copy and try again. But the copy I have is a different edition of the classics I usually use. I prefer the Penguin Classics editions because I find them more readable.

I thought the mystery was solved in a very nice way for the era. I didn’t get the vibe of being a detective or anything though. The villain turned out to be the Palmer brothers specifically Andrew. I have to admit I thought Colin would be the perpetrator, but he was actually investigating the case. I guess that shows that things are not always as they seem.

Now that I’ve read the first book, I will be order the next one as soon as I can. Although it may took a little while for me to read it because I try not to get overwhelmed by the characters by reading books back to back!