Someone To Watch Over Me by Lisa Kleypas (Spoilers)


I first came across Kleypas’s books when I was shopping at Barnes and Noble. The cover of the book (Mine at Midnight) looked pretty and despite the known fact that you should never judge a book by it’s cover, I bought. I haven’t actually read that particular book yet, but I’m glad that I have tried Ms. Kleypas’s work.

I picked up Someone to Watch over me on Monday. I’ve been in a romance mood lately and I was craving some a bit longer than the last Harlequin I read. I read the blurb on the book and decided to go with this.

The book open with the hero called on to the scene for an attempted drowning. It turns out that he was acquainted with the woman. He takes her home with him. He believe her to be the woman he was once knew. But the woman known to him as Vivien doesn’t act the way he once knew her to be. On top of this she’s lost her memory from the murder attempt.

Grant(the hero) finds him intrigue with Vivien and as a way to pay her back he decides to his way with her. But over time she softens him and once they become intimate he realizes she can’t possibly be the same woman.

I remember when I was about 100 pages into this book I had already figured out the twists. I’m not a master at unraveling memories, but I’m not dim either. A light blub went off in my head and I had figured the woman with Grant was a twin and I even had suspicions about how had tried to kill her. Turns out I was right. Yay me!

I want to applaud the author for not slut shaming the real Vivien. Considering when the book takes place, I think it would be easy for her to shame Vivien. On another note, I loved the fact that Grant said that women always afraid of strangers, when it’s the men closet to them that cause them the most harm. That seemed really progressive of a 19th century man to say.

All in all I really enjoyed Someone to Watch Over Me. I give it four stars. It was a good book, but the mystery was kind of meh. But I’m really looking forward to reading more of Ms. Kleypas’s works.