Thoughts on Caitlyn’s Prize by Linda Warren


First thing that I want to mention about the book is the cover. It depicts a scene in the book. What I’m about to say isn’t important to the story, it’s just a minor detail. The dress that Caitlyn wears is described as strapless. The dress the model is wearing has a strap. A thin strap, but it’s a strap.

Now that’s off my chest. I can’t remember when I picked up this book, but I probably picked it up because of the cover or the blurb on the back. Most likely the cover because I’m shallow like that. šŸ˜›

I haven’t read many stories about cowboys, so I would consider this book to my introduction to the whole cowboy genre. I liked the fact that Caitlyn was a strong heroine and she never gave up even when Judd pressured her or some his ranch hands tried to bring her down. She was also caring without being too sentimental. I thought Warren fleshed her out fully.

Judd on the other hand was more mysterious. When he’s introduced he seemed to be good person, but slightly misogynistic. It’s revealed to be a result of his upbringing. I liked how the author explained it all and didn’t have Jude try to explain it out. He took responsibility for his actions.

I give it four stars. It was very enjoyable and I loved the heroine and I warmed up to the hero. I’m really interested in learning more about Caitlyn’s two sisters as well.