Thoughts on Trouble at the Wedding


With this book finished, I have read fourteen books toward my goal of a hundred books and I have six more books to read for the month of February.

I picked up this book at the beginning of the month. I lusting after it for at least two weeks and when I saw it at the bookstore, I just had to have it. I settled down to read and I have to say it didn’t disappoint me.

I immediately connected with the heroine Annabel. She comes from the South and she’s new money. While I’m not particularly rich, I am Southern girl. I also felt the same way about certain situations in my life as Annabel did. The feeling of being an outsider and just wanting to fit in. I also liked that Annabel had some fire to her.

Christian was a perfect hero for me. He didn’t get on my nerves and he just seemed lovable. He also seemed to genuinely care about Annabel. I really believed in Annabel and Christian’s love story, which is important to me because I haven’t felt that way about other books where romance is a prominent theme.

I give it four stars only because I would have like to see an epilogue. I’ve obviously gotten to use to the use of epilogues from other authors and I’ve come to expect it. But the ending did leave me feeling satisfied. I plan to check out the other books in the series!