When Harry Met Molly by Kieran Krammer review


Before I write my thoughts on this lovely book, I have to admit something. I have never seen When Harry Met Sally beside the clip of the infamous fake orgasm scene by Meg Ryan. But I will try to watch in the future.

When I started reading the prologue and it introduced 13 year old Molly with her love poem, I knew I was going to love this book. It had already gotten off to a good start with the humor.

The first chapter begins in 1816 ten years after the prologue. The reader is reintroduced to Harry. I have to say that I like him right away. He was charming and funny and completely lovable.

The heroine Molly was my kind of heroine. She was so funny and she knew what she wanted. I especially loved when she told Harry to pull his breeches down. You go girl!

Harry does eventually realize he loves Molly after they’ve parted. He proposes to her and they get their happy ending. The end with the gifts from the other Impossible Bachelors was sweet as well.

I give it five stars because I thought it was perfect. Lovable hero and heroine. Funny and good storytelling!