Kare First Love, Volume 1 by Miyasaka Kaho Review

Kare First Love, Volume 1Kare First Love, Volume 1 by Kaho Miyasaka

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This title was recommended to me by GR.

What I thought at first: Oh she seems like me when I was younger. Afraid to speak up, letting people walk all over her.

What I thought next: Wtf? This Kirya dude is a piece of work. His friends are asses, he kinda is too.

What I thought after that: The non friend girl seems nice. She should be friends with her rather than the girl she’s actually friends with.

What I’m thinking now: The premise is interesting and I can definitely see myself reading more of this manga. I don’t quite like how the hero and heroine’s relationship started though. I don’t care how good his intentions are/were…that just creeped me out.

So I give the first volume 4 stars. The story and art are good, but the dynamics of how the relationship is starting? Nah I didn’t like that at all.

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