I’m making progress on my ~novella~. I’m practicing writing longer stories and so far I have almost 6k on this so I’m proud of myself for sticking with it. The plot has expanded a bit from what I originally wrote in the initial outline though but I’m really excited to write this story!

So I started a new project. The idea literally came out of nowhere, but a first line popped into my head so I figured the muse or whatever was trying to tell me something! This particular project will be an epic poem. Before I seriously started to write prose, I focused a lot more on […]

Everything in the Book

Both of the major times I was hospitalized I came out with many different diagnosis. To be honest there is one I’m still not feeling comfortable with and I only found about it four years ago when my old counselor visited here to release my papers. I’m not going to lie that I sometimes wonder […]


As usual I stayed up all night. Normally this isn’t a bad thing as I usually go to sleep during the day. But what I failed to realize around 3 am is that I have an assessment today at the mental health center. And as usual I am starting to get tired. I could have […]

The Ivy Lessons by S.K. Quinn Review

The Ivy Lessons by J. Lerman My rating: 2 of 5 stars Okay so I started reading this yesterday. I picked it up because I needed something to take my mind off my appointment and how nervous I was. It certainly did. I immediately noticed that not only does this book seem to be a […]

Currently Reading

Hey guys! I’m still reading over on my end and of course buying more books haha. I actually bought a few more books than I usually do at the local Walmart. But it’s been a whole year since I’ve been to Barnes and Noble and I let my membership expire…oops. But anyway I’m currently alternating […]