The Ivy Lessons by S.K. Quinn Review

The Ivy Lessons (Devoted, #1)The Ivy Lessons by J. Lerman

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Okay so I started reading this yesterday. I picked it up because I needed something to take my mind off my appointment and how nervous I was. It certainly did.

I immediately noticed that not only does this book seem to be a rip off two books (Twilight and Fifty Shades which of course was a fanfiction of the former.) It also seemed a bit cliche. I mean Sophia is innocent and she seems like Bella in that she gives backhanded compliments especially in the first few chapters of the book. I mean she describes her friend as blonde and chubby and then says she wishes she looked more like her. Sophia describes herself as tall and willowy. I laughed out loud.

The Ryan and Cecile characters are so damn one dimensional. I found myself thinking about Cecile. What made her tick? Why was she after Marc? Why was she so mean other than to give Sophia a rival?

Ryan? Piece of shit. You don’t fucking drug someone that you like. Like what the fuck? He should have been fucking arrested. Oh and if I’m not clear, you don’t drug anyone. Period people.

The rest of the book followed the structure of Twilight. I mean Marc is even described in Edward terms. Pale skin. Dark circles under his eyes. LMAO. And then early in the book he leaves after encountering Sophia. So Twilight.

The sex was…really kinda vanilla. I’ve read harder sex in some of my single title romances. I mean despite the BSDM elements, it still seemed very vanilla.

But I will give it to the author that this book entertained me. I made me much calmer before going in to see the doctor. It wasn’t badly written though I did catch a mistake. And it is cliche. But it was a light read and like I said I enjoyed it. So I actually think I might buy the next book. I want to find out what happens, I can’t help it.

So I rec this if you need something quick and light to read.

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