Book Post (Plus Pics!)

I’ve finally discovered that marvelous thing called the used book. I won’t lie I do prefer to buy new books but I also like to buy a lot of books at one time and my budget just won’t allow me to do that with all new books.

So I bought a ton of used books from Abebooks which by the way is a fabulous site. I got four of them today!


I recently did the big chop. One of my friends on LJ recommended me Better Than Good Hair by Nikki Walton.


If y’all didn’t know I’m a feminist and I take that ish seriously. I ordered a number of books on the topic. This one is called Unequal Sisters: A Multicultural Reader in U.S. Women’s History


I have a writing project that focuses on Cleopatra so I bought Stacy Schiff’s biography. That and I really love Cleo.


And lastly for today is Material Girls by Suzanne Danuta Walters. It’s feminist cultural theory!

What about you guys? Any new book purchases?