Once More with Feeling

So it’s been a few weeks after the panic attack. Overall my general mood seems to be back into the range of what I consider normal. But everything is not completely where I’d like it. I’ve become extremely restless. This is not a new feeling at all mind you. But it seems to be really […]


For the longest time I have been what other authors would call a “panster”.¬† When I wrote I would literally start out with a vague idea and go from there. It served me well as I wrote prolifically¬† but perhaps it lends itself to my former inability to write longer pieces. The bulk of my […]

We Meet Again

In the early morning hours of September 30 I started to feel weird. This feeling was different from the general weirdness I feel which happens when I haven’t had enough sleep. That weirdness is characterized by grumpiness, sore eyes, and yawning. No this weirdness was…weirder. I didn’t realize what it was at first. My body […]