Once More with Feeling

So it’s been a few weeks after the panic attack. Overall my general mood seems to be back into the range of what I consider normal. But everything is not completely where I’d like it.

I’ve become extremely restless. This is not a new feeling at all mind you. But it seems to be really hitting me now. I don’t feel like doing anything even though I desperately want to do something. I’ve been doing outlines and writing bits on different stories. But I can’t focus on one. I’m all over the place.


And it is so frustrating to me. I hate this feeling. I just feel so lazy and I feel like I could be studying for the GED test or practicing my French but I can’t even muster up the will to do it anymore. Where’s my drive?


I know I need to be patient and I know that it will eventually go away but I’m impatient. I wonder if I went to the pdoc would they tell me anything different? I don’t have an actual appointment until two months from now. I’m not in any danger but I’m just feeling all these different emotions and intensely and I don’t like it all.