Scene 3 finished!

A week passed while I worked on other stuff instead of the first draft of Chloe’s book. I got stuck on where to go with the next scene in chapter 4. Perhaps I was lazy or maybe I needed to work on other things but today I decided to google help of writing scenes and tons of stuff popped up…god I love Google.

Anyway I’ve written 1.2K on the second half. Chloe and Norene’s relationship is getting rocky. They’ve been friends for awhile but they are the type of friends that argue a lot you know what I mean? I intended for her relationship with Jordana and Maura to contrast that.

Now I think I need to work on finishing one of the short stories. I found a literary magazine with a theme that could fit either story that I’m writing but I am sooo freaking lazy I swear to the Almighty.