2nd Draft…?

I started a second draft of my manuscript now titled as Art or Die. I had a serious title for my story which I’m envisioning as a coming of age plus young adult romance. But then I started thinking up names for other stuff and basically the title was too serious.

Art or Die concerns 16 year old Chloe Parker an aspiring young artist. Her parents are professionals that don’t think art is a suitable career. The story opens with Chloe meeting Jordana who has moved to Pinewood with her family to help her ailing grandfather. Norene, the Queen B of the 10th grade, doesn’t take too kindly to Jordana whom Chloe has been spending more time with. Chloe is caught between her loyalty to Norene and her burgeoning feelings for Jordana.


I have 50 pages of my original manuscript. I started it back in June 2013 with like the first page before I really started writing on it. I started outlining after the first chapter. I like the first draft but from what I have written of Art or Die I like the tone better. So do I continue to write on the first draft so I’ll have a blueprint or do I finish outlining Art or Die? Hmmm the choices…