Triangles by Ellen Hopkins Review

TrianglesTriangles by Ellen Hopkins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My friend Sky had recommended Ellen Hopkins book. I believe that was four years ago. It wasn’t until this year that I thought to look for them at my local library.

The thing that stuck out to me about reading this was how fast it seemed to go by. Before I knew I was 50 pages in. The story was gripping and I felt like each main character’s voice was unique. I felt like there was a certain realism about these characters and I really loved that.

I was unsure about reading it thought because I didn’t know how the format would work. I had never heard of a verse novel before. The book was sectioned by each characters and it would have poems that continued the story. I originally thought it was going to be one long poem but I really liked how it worked out since there was three different narrators.

The end was satisfying and I really want to read Tilt. I might just have to seek it out from the Hollywood Branch. I tried to go for a book there once before but I got lost. But I think I’ll chance it again.

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I definitely rec this book! Try it out!

Good King Hal

Shirley walked through the castle. She had always been fascinated with old English castles. It had started when she was a girl and her father gave her a book on them. Since then she’d long cherished a dream to come to England and tour them and now here she was.

“Oh look at him he’s wearing tights!”

She turned and saw two little boys kicking at a young man. Though the man winced he didn’t move.
“Where are their parents?” She muttered to herself.

“You look like a fairy!” One of them shouted.

She found herself walking towards them of her own accord. She reached forward and took them both by the ears.
“Ow hey!”

“It’s not nice to kick others,” she said to one.

“Get off me you old bag!”

She turned them loose. They grimaced at her but left anyway.
She turned to the man.

“Thank you,” he said softly.

She smiled. “You look like you needed some help.”

“Well they instructed me not to interact with the customers.”

She chuckled. “I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear that you obeyed their orders.”

He looked at quizzically.

“I’m joking ignore me. I have a weird sense of humor.”

He smiled hesitantly.

“So what can you tell me about this place Henry?”

His eyes lightened up. “You know who I am?”

“Why good King Hal of course.”

He laughed. “Finally someone gets it right. I’ve had people ask me if I’m Arthur.”

She rolled her eyes. “Plebeians.”

“Well,” he said. “St. James was finished in 1536. It turned out not to be so lucky for two of Henry’s children but it seemed to have worked out well for Elizabeth.”

She looked around at the red brick walls. The place was magnificent.

“It’s really gorgeous.”

“Would you like to look around?”

She smiled showing the dimples in her cheek. “If you’ll show me around Hal.”

He grinned. “Gladly.”

*The guy is named Mark but Shirley hasn’t asked him his name yet and she’s the narrator so…
**Takes place in the early 2000s
***Shirley is about fifty or so

Maliciously Obedient by Julia Kent Review

You know sometimes I read different things. Sometimes I read contemporary romance. That’s a big leap for me.

While I was on break during my adult education classes I decided to read something. I didn’t want to read the hardback I bought for some reason so I turned to my e-reader. I flipped through the shelves until I came to this bundle I bought ages ago but I had never looked at besides when I bought it.

This is how I discovered Julia Kent. I like what I read. Here’s my review:

Maliciously Obedient (Obedient, #1)Maliciously Obedient by Julia Kent

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay so technically this book was apart of a bundle I bought. But since it is it’s own individual story I’m counting it as a whole book read because it is and I can so what.

So I started this while I was in class. I was jumping from story to story honestly on my ereader. But I opened this file and begin this story and what can I say I liked it.

The characters were really well done. I really liked Lydia and I like how she was portrayed. I have to say I really liked how the author included feminism but not like BEAT YOU OVER THE HEAD WITH IT! It felt like I was talking to one of my girlfriends or something you know.

This book was really entertaining and even though the premise is a bit outlandish I kinda think it worked. At least for me it did haha. I loved this and I’m bidding my time until I can purchase the next volume.

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Reckless Seduction by Jane Feather Review

Reckless SeductionReckless Seduction by Jane Feather

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I started this book because of a challenge. Though I had bought the book beforehand I’m not sure if I would have picked it up otherwise. I mean obviously I intended to read it. But sometime in the near future which could be any time in the next five years.

So I started this. It was a bit strange at first. It took me a moment to get into the flow of the book. Like I wrote on my status I was initially interested because not only did it take place in America but also in Louisiana, which is my homestate.

So I started to read. I immediately liked Genevieve. She’s my type of girl. You know feisty, hard headed. Dominic. It took me a minute to warm up to him.

What I loved about this book was how excited I was to pick it back up. I looked forward to reading it. I love it when that happens. While it focused on the characters I feel like the plot was very action orientated. It was a nice ride.

I’ve checked out another book by Ms. Feather and I’m planning on reading that next. Let’s just hope that I can finished my challenge.

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It took me forever from when I originally bought this book to actually get around to reading it. I thank the challenge for that. I’m trying out some new stuff. This book is heavy on action but the characters are really well done. Dominic can get jerky at times I admit but I will say that I could understand why he was being a jerk. He just wasn’t a jerk for the sake of being a jerk.

Can You Schedule Life?

I am fond of schedules. Time management? Sign me up! This year I have micromanaged my days and my free time. Not every minute of the day mind you but the general gist of the days are scheduled.

I was thinking these past few days that though I’ve started at least six short stories I have only finished one. One! I started that story in November and it took me until January to finish drafting it and actually send it out. Now I don’t know about you but that pace is just a tad bit too slow for me. I’m kinda amazed at how prolific Joyce Carol Oates is and I hope to emulate her one day. Plus I love her writing style. WE WERE THE MULVANEYS I TELL YOU!

So this is the writing schedule I have set up beside the 800 word goal I set for myself so I can finish the book. Write and finish a short story at least every two weeks. The first month has already passed. But hopefully I can get at least 18 stories out right? Is that too crazy? I’ve never backed down from a challenge though and I’m not about to start.