Maliciously Obedient by Julia Kent Review

You know sometimes I read different things. Sometimes I read contemporary romance. That’s a big leap for me.

While I was on break during my adult education classes I decided to read something. I didn’t want to read the hardback I bought for some reason so I turned to my e-reader. I flipped through the shelves until I came to this bundle I bought ages ago but I had never looked at besides when I bought it.

This is how I discovered Julia Kent. I like what I read. Here’s my review:

Maliciously Obedient (Obedient, #1)Maliciously Obedient by Julia Kent

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay so technically this book was apart of a bundle I bought. But since it is it’s own individual story I’m counting it as a whole book read because it is and I can so what.

So I started this while I was in class. I was jumping from story to story honestly on my ereader. But I opened this file and begin this story and what can I say I liked it.

The characters were really well done. I really liked Lydia and I like how she was portrayed. I have to say I really liked how the author included feminism but not like BEAT YOU OVER THE HEAD WITH IT! It felt like I was talking to one of my girlfriends or something you know.

This book was really entertaining and even though the premise is a bit outlandish I kinda think it worked. At least for me it did haha. I loved this and I’m bidding my time until I can purchase the next volume.

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