That’s the Way (Publishing) Goes

So according to my count I have sent out One Small Step four times. It still hasn’t found home yet. I haven’t given up but I’ve set the number of times I’ll send it out to ten times. If it hasn’t found a home by then I think I will retire it and work on others.

Speaking of working on stories I still haven’t finished another short story. I did finish the two sisters short story but I’ve decided to expand it into a novel.

But I have finished some flash fiction. Oh and that reminds me I sent out a drabble. I haven’t heard anything back on that. I sent out a narrative poem to the Southeast Review and I haven’t heard back from them.

But in some good news. The poem I sent to a specialist magazine was rejected but they encouraged me to send in more poems. I only sent in one the first time. Seeing that really made me happy. I haven’t written any poems suitable for the mag yet but I’m working on it.

In novel news I’m right smack dab in the middle of Art or Die. I’m about 40K in it and I’m shooting for 65K. I have to admit I haven’t been very inspired to write on it but I do like the story I’m just burnt out. 🙁

What about you guys? How are your writing projects going?

Still Alive

Yes I am still around though I haven’t even posted a weekly video in awhile. This is for two reasons. 1.) I go to school four days a week including Wednesday and I’m pretty tired when I get home 2.) Is that I unplugged my webcam to plug something else in. I don’t know what happened but I can get video but I can’t get audio anymore and I am too lazy to fix it.

But I am still reading. I have to say the school library has a lot of nonfiction which of course they should but the fiction pickings aren’t much so I’ve only checked out nonfiction. But I have been reading some things though I haven’t finished anything since at least early June or late May? Idk. I should be worried but I have been busy so I’m trying not to fret. I’ve gone longer without reading a book (Like a year or so) so as long as it doesn’t get that bad I’m fine.

I’m still obsessed with Sylvia Plath and I’m doing a speech on romance novels. Yep.