Character Voice

Finishing the book seems to be a chore to me. I never expected writing a novel to be easy. In fact I put it off for the longest. But I kept working on this book. I am so close to finishing but it’s not fun at all. I like looking back and reading my work but writing the ‘boring’ parts is taxing.

When I started to get back into writing I usually wrote the fun parts first. With the Mondian Chronicles I jumped into the juicy stuff. The meat of the story. But with Chloe’s book I started from the beginning. I distinctively recall that writing the sleepover was the most fun. When I say those words flowed easily I’m dead serious. My fingers did not hesitate on the keyboard.

I guess I could write out of order but I just feel like it would create an unnecessary mess. I don’t want to have to piece everything together.

But I started this post because I wanted to write that I am finally getting a grip on Jordana’s character voice. I had my first thirty pages critiqued and my partner told me that Jordana seemed flat. I’ve been trying to get inside her head. This morning I was looking over stuff I had written related to her character and all of the sudden this voice popped into my head. I was reading it but it was in her voice.

So that excited me. Now I’m trying to figure out what is going to happen in the lead up to Thanksgiving in Chloe’s world and I’m trying to figure how to show more of Jordana’s personality for the rewrite. All in a day’s work.

Fifty Days of Grey: Chapters 13-14

Fifty Days of Grey banner

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Things have been kind of hectic in my life. Lots of confusion but good stuff too.

But I’ve resumed reading FSOG.

I don’t remember much about the beginning of Chapter 13. I started it a few weeks ago. I do know that Ana and Christian are discussing the terms of their contract.

But I want to talk about what really made me think about this chapter.

Ana says she wants a relationship with Christian but he doesn’t want that. He can’t do that. She doesn’t know what to call him. Would he be her boyfriend in this type of relationship?

As a certified member of Gen Y I feel like these questions have occurred to many of us at one time. Ambiguous relationships. It’s complicated. Friend with benefits. You know what I’m talking about.
I can understand where Ana is coming from. You don’t want to lose the guy but you aren’t satisfied with the relationship as it is. Yet you don’t want to lose them either. Conundrum.

In the next chapter Ana continues to think about this as her father comes for her graduation. When Kate introduces Christian she introduces him as Ana’s boyfriend and my god I would be mortified. But everything goes smoothly because Christian can charm anyone it seems.

At the end of the chapter Ana tells Christian she wants more. He says he doesn’t know how do it and she agrees that she doesn’t know much about relationships either but they’re going to try.
I like the ending of the chapter but I’m also skeptical. Can you really make someone settle if they don’t want to? There are numerous disastrous results saying that you can’t. Many have tried but only a few have succeeded. Perhaps Ana will be on?

And those ladies and gentlemen are my thoughts on these chapters. I’m enjoying this book more than I thought I would and I’m having fun analyzing the chapters. Future English major here what what!

Til Death Do Us Part: Webserial

Hello! Some of you may know that I made my way back into writing through the web serial. But with my previous stories they were written out of order and the organization was a mess. I’m trying out the form again but…get this…I’m actually writing in order! The project I’m working on right now is Til Death Do Us Part. Here’s the blurb:

When she signed up for immortality she hadn’t expected it to be like this. It’s been a century and her vampire fiancée still hasn’t put a ring on it. After a much a younger family member marries Mariane starts to rethink her life. Should she hold out for the prize or is her prince charming just a dud in vampire’s clothing?

I always wondered what turnees did after being changed. Mariane is trapped in her seventeen year old body. She was willing to spend the rest of her life with her love but she REALLY expected to have his name while doing it. But that didn’t happen. Til Death Do Us Part is her story. Not only does she has to get used to the new millennium she has to deal with the dreaded mother in law.

I’ve posted the first chapter on Wattpad. You can find it here: