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To Grandmother I Go

    The wound is still fresh It puckers, it bleeds, it is sprouting weeds of what used to be you and me sitting neath trees drinking tea listening to the rustle of our ancestors leave while we wonder about what used to be god i hope you return to me


*Author’s Note: Poem originally appeared on AllPoetry.com   Penny for your thoughts Quarter for your crisis No, my daughter wasn’t kidnapped by ISIS   She’s insane you see She’s lost her memory She won’t get help She fucking hates me   She thinks I took her baby What left of it there was She thinks […]

Sweet Sixteen

  *Author’s Note: Poem originally appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of Spectra, the literary magazine of Louisiana State University at Shreveport Sweet sixteen What a fucking joke.   That slimy pink cake being stuffed down my throat.   One for the money. Two for the show.   One more breath and I’ll choke. Dragged […]

Which Book Should I Read Next?

I wanted to post today. I have a lot of going on right now and reading and writing is helping me keep my mind occupied. The problem is though that I have a ton of books to read and as my taste tends to lean towards drama I decided I wanted a comfort read. So […]