The Crying Game

I played with your heart
I treated it like game
And here I claim

I never loved you
like you did me
I don’t know if I can stay

for an entire eternity.

So I found a boy
that talked like you
and had your ways

So why did I feel
like I was nothing
but his waste?

I had initially meant for this poem to be a letter to the legendary Ms. Britney Spears. I’ve always loved her as an artist, but over the years, I’ve really felt a connection to her for various reasons.

I asked my boyfriend what song would describe me and he said: Oops I Did It Again. If you know the history of our relationship then it makes sense. While writing this poem it turned from a letter to Britney rather a letter to my partner. I once read in a poetry writing book that if a poem doesn’t surprise you while writing it then it won’t surprise the reader ha.