School Daze

Or rather college daze I suppose I should say. I have once again begun a new semester. It seems…unseemingly, but it took a lot to get back including paying back federal funds through a mishap on my part that I shan’t talk about anymore. No! The important thing is that I am back where I feel I belong.

What of writing you ask? I’m trying. I have a story in mind. Well, I always seem to have some type of story fluttering around in my head. It’s the execution part that I am the worst at lol.

This week has been good. The new year seems bright!

The Lotus Eaters


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I take pleasure in my transformations. I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in me.-Anais Nin


I have been silent these past few months. Not only on my website but somewhat on social media. This year has been hard, but I do feel like it has made me a stronger person.

My writing goals have fallen by the side of the road, but hopefully, I am finally getting back on track. I am trying to work on a novel right now.

It’s called the Lotus Eaters. I suppose you could call it a coming of age novel, but it’s more a novel of transformation. (At least right now in the early stages). It’s not the ‘novel of my heart’ but it’s something I need to get off my chest of course.

I hope to keep the site updated with my writing process and some reviews and perhaps even the college life!


Write Now (3?)

I’m having trouble writing again. I’ve been wasting time (in my view) by playing video games. I haven’t been productive. I don’t feel blocked per se. I can still write, but it’s mostly freewriting. I still have ideas, but no concrete movement you know? I haven’t an utter clue what’s wrong. My inclination is to google it lol.

I’m trying not to be too hard on myself. This year hasn’t been exactly easy for my family and I. But I feel so empty when I don’t write…

Peaceful Alternatives

flash fiction funerals family

This story was written in anticipation of a family brawl at my grandmother’s funeral. Dysfunctional families eh? But I’m happy to report that things went swimmingly. Literally it was raining like hell.

Please enjoy this story and feel free to leave any type of review or comment.


Funerals are only good for one thing. Showing off your hat.


She hated funerals. Funerals were boring as fuck. At least this was the case with all of the funerals she had been to before, which admittedly had been less than five, but experience counted for something right?

She hadn’t wanted to come to this funeral, but she knew if she didn’t her family would disown her and people would whisper: how could she not go to her grandmother’s funeral? She could just hear her great-aunt’s voice: ungrateful child!

The last funeral she had been to coincidentally had been her grandmother’s funeral. The one she didn’t know not the one currently lying in the coffin. No, this grandmother was her paternal one. She hadn’t wanted to go to that funeral either, but she wanted to support her father. She didn’t know why because he had never in the slightest bit supported her. But Janae had always been the supportive type. It had forced into her psyche to be a good, gracious girl.

Her grandmother had gone with her to the funeral. She didn’t know anyone there despite most of them being related to her by blood. She was sitting next to her grandmother when someone asked who she was.

“I’m Janae,” she said.

“And you?” The woman asked her grandmother.

“I’m Ethel.”

Recognition emerged in the woman’s eyes. “Oh I remember you. You’re Linda’s mother. So this is…?”

It was unspoken in the woman’s voice. She was the outside child. James’s little indiscretion.

The woman smiled. “Well, I’m your aunt, Janae!”

She came forward as though for a hug, but Janae held out her hand. Her grandmother had always told her to be careful around strangers.


She had been worried about all of her family members being in the same place—the same tiny place better known as the ancestral church Hope Springs. Janae was never a parishioner of the church. She had moved from the family’s stomping grounds before she had caught the Holy Ghost. So far she’d been back to Hope Springs only for funerals and that hadn’t changed.

“I swear to God I hate his fucking guts,” her brother said.

“Lorenzo please,” her mother said.

“Why is he here?!”

“He’s her son!”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

Lorenzo hated their uncle. Lorenzo hated her father. Lorenzo hated a lot of people. Santa’s naughty list wasn’t nearly as long as Lorenzo’s hate list.

“Janae, go check on your grandmother.”

“She’s dead mom. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing to check on.”

Her mother gave her a look. She blew her curls out of her face and did as she was told.


She stared at her grandmother. She thought back to how her relatives had kissed her great-aunt when she was in her casket. The thought mortified her. She hadn’t kissed her grandmother when she was well. She was rarely an affectionate person. A quick hug was her idea of showing love.

She stood up and walked to the casket. Her grandmother’s hands were folded over her lower stomach. Someone had taken all of the rings she had worn off. Only one remained: her wedding ring. She resisted laughing. How idiotic. Her grandmother had divorced her grandfather, but she was still known as his widow. Janae had never gotten the logic of that.

A little shimmer caught her eye. She leaned closer to her.

Can I have that necklace?


Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?

I’ll buy you one of your own. This one is mine.

Her grandmother was wearing the necklace she had bought her.

Janae smiled. She bent down and placed a kiss on her cheek.


I know, I know. I wrote about not seeking publication this year and instead focusing on the craft.

But you know what I discovered? It’s okay to work on your craft and publication.

Near the end of last year, I submitted some poems to my college literary magazine Savoir Faire. (I attend Bossier Parish Community College). It was so FB_IMG_1460426479921long ago I had nearly forgotten about it until last night. Now I’m not sure why, but I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe everything happens for a reason. My poems had been accepted and I had been invited to read.

I had to cancel a doctor’s appointment to attend the Gala and I didn’t end up reading my poems, but I did end winning an Honorable Mention! I have photos. Can you tell I am gloriously happy?


The other photos will be put in a gallery so as no to clutter up the post.


Yours Truly

Is it black or blue?
This body that used to be
What am I going to do?
Here on the Earth without
Your crooked smile.
Your witch’s laugh

It’s so cliche but that saying is true. I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t always the best granddaughter, but I now see that I loved the hell out of my grandmother. I didn’t see it back then, but I was taking the steps to resolve my issues a long time before she died because of my fears of hurting her. I told someone I don’t know why it took her getting sick to see that. But I guess you can’t see the forest for the trees.