Movies and A Begone Era

In total this year, I’ve watched only eleven movies. To me that’s a good thing, but since I have no recollection of other years, I’m not sure if I’ve decreased or increased my viewing.

I’ve been a major Natalie Portman fan since the age of fourteen. This is also around the time I became obsessed with Star Wars. But I’m veering off topic. I knew Natalie was up for the Best Actress. I waited for news to hit the internet of the 2011 Best Actress win and I was euphoric when she was announced as the winner. But it wasn’t until November 2011 and after the purchase of both a portable DVD player and the purchase of the Black Swan, did I see the performance that won her the Oscar. As a person with a mental illness, it hit a nerve watching Nina. But I found the movie very enjoyable and it also sparked an interest in ballet.

I have a list of films that I would like to watch. Most of the films are independent, but there are a few blockbusters. I’m an equal opportunity viewer after all. I find myself wanting to watch silent films. I’ve always been fascinated by history and wouldn’t it be perfect to see it in action?

Any recs of films that I should watch? I’m making my way down the Best Picture nominees, but I’m open to all suggestions!