Bleach Volume 37: Beauty Is So Solitary by Kubo Tite Review

A little shake up from the numerous romance novels, some YA novels and the occasional science fiction book. I bring you my review on the 37th volume of Bleach. Before I started this blog, I bought a lot of manga and me and Bleach go way back. Now that I know I can read digital manga I’ve bought from Viz Media online. There might be more of these posts, so look out for them. Without further ado: the review.

Bleach 37Bleach 37 by Tite Kubo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alright my return to collecting the Bleach manga is back on. I bought the digital edition of this volume because A) I’m running out of room for books in my room, B) It was cheaper than physical copy and C) I quite like reading my manga on the computer.

The first three chapters of this volume are the rest of the TBTP gaiden and I really enjoyed it. Aizen. You despicable bastard. Even now some two hundred chapters away from this one, you are still trolling people. Bravo my friend.

The rest of the volume takes place partly in Hueco Mundo where Ichigo and Co reunite (And my OTP has some eye smex :P) and where Ulquiorra continues to try to mind fuck Orihime (Which is hot, I admit. Don’t judge me.) The heart speech was really beautiful as always.

The other part takes place in Fake Karakura Town. I must have missed Gin talking about Kira, but that little moment just possibly made me ship Gin/Kira. Although Kira kind of gets on my nerves half the time.

There were funny moments all throughout the last few chapters. I like that and reminds me what initially attracted me to the series.

I give this volume four stars. I left a star off because besides the cover, pages that were supposed to have color did not in the Web Viewer. They might still be there in other versions. That kind of pissed me off because before I got my smartphone (And without knowing I could view on the Web) I couldn’t download the manga on the BN website because I don’t have a Nook Color or a Nook Tablet (I have a the 1st edition of the Nook, which I bought for my 21st birthday and it immediately went down in price before being discontinued.) If there are no color pages, then why can’t the other devices handle them? For comics, I could see it, but manga without the color pages? I can’t. So yeah that’s my little beef with Viz Media and Barnes and Noble. Still an enjoyable volume though. I will continue to acquire my manga this way for the foreseeable future.

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