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Home Girls cover The Girls Guide to Everything cover

Hey guys! I’m still reading over on my end and of course buying more books haha. I actually bought a few more books than I usually do at the local Walmart. But it’s been a whole year since I’ve been to Barnes and Noble and I let my membership expire…oops.

But anyway I’m currently alternating between these two books. I started Home Girls yesterday. One essay in particular really spoke to me and how I feel as a black woman in America. The author says that she has no connection to her African roots because her ancestors weren’t allowed to keep their old rituals. I’ve been feeling like this a lot. I would love to know what country my ancestors were from and what were their customs. Maybe one day when I have better finances I can find this out with that DNA testing ha.

The second book I bought yesterday. I’ve just decided to study more seriously for the GED test and I want to attend college. I want to make a better life for myself, you know? I bought this book because of the summary and plus I’ll admit I sort of have a thing for self-help books haha. I can’t help it alright!

So anyway that’s what I’m currently reading. What about you guys? Anything interesting? Let’s talk about it!