Rage is an Art

So a few nights ago I made a rant post on my personal DW. This particular rant had been stewing in my mind for awhile. Probably since I’ve become aware of literary criticism and since I’ve been actively searching for it. The rant btw can be found here.

Anyone that regularly reads the romance genres knows that the books and sometimes its fans get a lot of grief. I’ve found that the academic attention to the romance genre is really low. For example on the course list for English classes at my local university there are classes based on the fantasy and science fiction genre but not one for romance. Why is that?

So I’ve gotten the grand idea to write some criticism for the romance genre. I’m doing this for many reasons but one is to help practice writing college essays as I plan on going back to school and I’ve been out of high school for years.

I wanted to tell my readers about this. I’m planning on posting the essay when I finish with it. I have two books that I plan on using and I’m looking for references. I don’t know when I’ll finish but it will get done.

Oh and right now I’m currently reading one of the books I plan on analyzing and I’m taking notes from it. The books is How to Entice an Earl by Manda Collins. I am really enjoying this book.

Until to the next review. Perhaps I’ll try to go more in depth with my reviews as well haha!