I have a character who I can’t quite get a hold on. When I first wrote her she was a bit haughty and vain, but then that morphed into naive and kind when compared to her younger sister who is…you know actually haughty and vain. Then as she aged she grew into the sort of weary mother type. I wrote her today and she seems to be world weary or something.

Basically compared to my other characters especially said character’s sister, this one seems to change every time I write her. I just cannot get a hold on her personality. I don’t know what I want her to be like. She seems to change in every situation. Is that a good thing? Idk it’s really frustrating to me. She’s more of a supporting character in others’ stories but if I did focus on her what would she be like?

But at least I’ve been writing if only for a bit. I keep bouncing between projects and rereading over my old work.