Finished One Again. And a short.

The fourth draft of One Small Step has been finished. I realized while I was answering questions from a short story book I realized I had after all that my story was sort of disjointed. Jan hadn’t done anything to save her job in the second and third draft yet she was promoted which now that I see it seems really funny. So I reworked it and made her proactive. I’m waiting for someone to look over it. But I think this draft is better. I’m not sure if it’s perfect but it’s better.


I felt like writing some flash fiction. I have been adept at writing 100 words exactly though of course I slip up sometimes and leave out a word or two and it’s confusing. But I really like that format. I’m long-winded when I talk about I have this annoying quirk of being concise when I’m writing which is fine for flash but not so much for longer stuff.

But anyway. Here is the piece I wrote. The prompt was “Candy Apple Red”.

   She wore her lipstick one way and that way was candy apple red.

   Nina had started wearing lipstick when she fourteen. At first it was to impress some boy down the street but after that fizzled out she kept wearing it. Soon it became part of her identity. She simply did not feel like her if it was gone.

    Every morning she would wake up and start her routine. Shower first and then dress. Standing in front of her mirror she would pucker before applying it. She would always smile afterwards. It made the lipstick look even better.