First Chapter…Done!

Well I have finally finished the first chapter of the as of yet untitled Ashwood Girls book. See originally the chapter split up when Chloe went off to school. But as I was reading my then second chapter I realized that they really could be condensed into one and so they were. I’ve got about 2,200 words on it.

And I realized today as I got ready to write chapter two that I didn’t have a chapter by chapter outline of the book but I did have a general outline. So now I have chapters 2 and 3 outlined. I’m going to try to outline the next two and perhaps write on the second before I go to bed.

And poetry wise? Well it’s going well. I got really good critiques on my fate poem and I’m reworking it. I’ve also taken Bernadette Meyer’s advice to keep a writing journal which strangely I’ve written more in than my normal paper journal haha. I think it goes without saying that I really like writing.