We Were the Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates review

We Were the MulvaneysWe Were the Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates

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My journey to reading this book started back in December. I wasn’t looking for this book necessarily but I was looking for a book by Ms. Oates. I had read her Wiki article. She fascinated me. She who wrote in different genres and was writing more.

So when I went to the library and I happened upon the fiction section I spotted this book in her section. I don’t know what exactly made me pick it up honestly. There were a few others but I chose this one.

So I started reading it. My interest was teased when Judd says they had committed a crime? So my mind starts whirling. What crime? What did they do?

So I kept on reading. I think what most stuck out to me about this reading experience was how excited I was to turn the page. I love that feeling. I was excited to read this book. I didn’t gulp it down in one sitting but I read it over the last three weeks. Quite awhile but I think I was savoring it.

I just finished it and the last harkens back to the title. And I feel like it fits. I really loved this book and I will definitely buy my own copy. I’m looking forward to read more Ms. Oates work. She certainty has talent.

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A quick note about this. I know it has an L in it but in my head I pronounce it as Mulhoney or something like that. I really rec this book. It was a good and satisfying read.