Attachments by Rainbow Rowell Review

AttachmentsAttachments by Rainbow Rowell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If I had to rank Rowell’s published books it would look something like this.

1. Eleanor and Park
2. Fangirl?
3. Attachments?

See while I was typing that I wasn’t exactly sure where I should rank the last two. Fangirl enthralled me and made me want to read the rest of her work. But Eleanor & Park like solidified it for me.

So where does Attachments come in? Well I like it. The premise is a bit out there. I really liked Lincoln. I feel like I could relate a lot to his situation. The overprotective parent and feeling like you’re stunted in life or something.

Weirdly I didn’t find his email spying creepy. It’s like I rationally know that is creepy as hell but within the fictive world it kinda makes sense? Idk.

I kept waiting for the moment when they would meet. They did. It was satisfying. But I have to admit I wished it had occurred earlier in the book. I wanted to savor it. This book wasn’t like the romances I usually read but I really liked it.

So I give this book four stars. It was a really fun experience but also a bit disappointing end wise.

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So since the last time I posted I have become obsessed with this author’s books. I mean I made three separate trips downtown to check out these books. I usually try not to overload myself on one author or series but that does not apply to Rowell. Oh and Hoyt apparently.

So yes I enjoyed this book. My favorite is Eleanor & Park. I can’t wait for Landlines!