It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here but there’s definitely something to update about. 

I am now currently doing DBT therapy with a really awesome counselor. It was really by a fluke that I came across this center though. 


See I had originally transferred to a different facility. On their site it said they treated BPD. I was with my therapist there for about two months or so. I only saw her about three times before she told me she would no longer be taking Medicare patients. 


Naturally I was upset but I set about finding someone that would accept my insurance and treated BPD. This was how I came across P.A.C.T. here in my city. I called and set up an appointment. 


I think I knew this would be the place for me when Caleb (my therapist) asked me about my gender. He specifically asked if I identified as female. I told him I did. But I was impressed that he knew about stuff like that. I mean living in the Deep South it’s not common for most people to know but he did. 


I’ve been in therapy with Caleb for about a month and I already feel better. I’ve been practicing my DBT skills and I feel a lot calmer honestly. I was filled with rage before but not so much anymore. 


The world works in mysterious ways but I’m glad I’ve finally got to someone who can treat this beast properly. 


I plan to update more soon. I have an appointment on Tuesday.