Fifty Days of Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Days of Grey banner

Ok I’m not sure on the whole fifty days but that title is catchy no?

Since I don’t live under a rock I’ve heard about Fifty Shades. I will be honest and say I judged this book hard. It seemed to go against my sensibilities. As a girl familiar with fandom it was an unspoken rule that you didn’t publish fanfiction.

But one day I happened to start doing some digging. A very good link I rec is the Fifty Shades page. It has more information about the background of the book. It was after reading these links that I started to question my biases. I had judged the book before even reading it. I hadn’t given it a fair a chance.

So that’s what I’m doing now.

Here’s the plan. I’m going to read a chapter (perhaps a day, maybe every two days it depends) and tell you my thoughts on it. Simple right?

Thoughts: Chapter 1

So the story opens with Anastasia complaining about her friend being sick. This is a little bitchy I admit but understandable. The story then fast forwards to Grey House. There are two blonde secretaries. Then Mr. Grey comes in. Tiny sparks. I honestly expected him to come in with flames or something but I digress. So he comes and she starts interviewing him. From what I’ve read online I expected Anastasia to be a weeping flower but she’s kinda snarky which I like. No negative thoughts on Christian yet. He talks a lot about control for obvious reasons. Interview ends.

So so far the book seems pretty routine. I expected mis-spellings and just awfulness. It’s not so bad so far.

I might have chapters 2 and 3 later on depending on how I feel. And a banner. I downloaded some brushes I’m dying to use.

Thoughts: Chapter 2

The major thing that I noticed about the beginning of this chapter is how short and choppy the scenes are. The scene will shift to her working and then like a paragraph later will switch again. That’s a bit unnecessary and it really distracts from the story.

I don’t really have a lot of thoughts on Kate. She’s just sort of there. She’s not really present. Jose seems nice. I was interested in Ana’s background when she mentioned she had taken her stepfather’s name. I wonder if the book will go more into that? I find that very interesting.

So while she’s working Mr. Grey arrives. She notices that his hands are manicured and the only thing I could think is that this guy is so metrosexual. But I guess it makes sense that he cares about his image. He does like control after all.

And the last thing I noticed was what he bought. Cable wires, masking tape, ropes…oh yeah that’s foreshadowing baby.