Baby It’s Cold Outside: An Analysis of My Reading Habits

Book Blogger Hop

Today’s meme comes from the Ramblings of a Coffee Addict. As soon as I saw it I was intrigued. I had to think about it. I wasn’t sure at first. As much as I’d like to keep a reading journal, I haven’t been able to keep up with it. So off to Goodreads,

I went. They have a very handy stats page that had the information I needed and I, being the nerd I am wanted to see it as a chart. So behold!


Chart for Friday Question Meme Part I

Chart for Friday Question Meme Part II

While compiling these I realized that I had started college in 2014 and not only could it account for my decreased number of books read, but also how many books I chose to read during the summer.

For one thing in 2014, my first semester was in the summer so I had to get used to a new environment and not to mention I hadn’t been in school excepting brief GED classes in almost seven years so I had to get used to the experience again.

In summer 2015, my grandmother got sick and I took care of her for awhile as well as going back and forward to the hospital so that accounts for that number as well.

I wonder how this data would look if added previous years…project maybe?

*For the record I counted Jan., Feb., and Dec. as winter and June, July, and Aug. and occasionally Sept. as summer