without music life would be a mistake


Music is my constant companion. Especially in times such as these.

My personal life has crashed headfirst into a tornado. Nothing makes sense anymore. Reality is a¬†lie. In the space of two weeks, I have broken up with my fiancee, reunited with an old lover, been released from psych, and admitted into an intensive¬†outpatient program. So yeah, I think it’s pretty safe to say that shit has hit the fan.

Music has been my source for relating, coping, and purifying. Through the night. Through the day. I listen. I think. I remember.

I remembered the beat of a song. It came to me suddenly. I knew it was Elton John, but I couldn’t remember the lyrics. I attribute this to my first response when listening to music. I notice the beat. This one is very distinctive. dun dun dun dun dun dun DAH DAH DAH dah.

I tried an app. Came up empty-handed. I googled. Nothing. Finally, I went back to my old friend Spotify. Ah. Reunited.