The Lotus Eaters


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I take pleasure in my transformations. I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in me.-Anais Nin


I have been silent these past few months. Not only on my website but somewhat on social media. This year has been hard, but I do feel like it has made me a stronger person.

My writing goals have fallen by the side of the road, but hopefully, I am finally getting back on track. I am trying to work on a novel right now.

It’s called the Lotus Eaters. I suppose you could call it a coming of age novel, but it’s more a novel of transformation. (At least right now in the early stages). It’s not the ‘novel of my heart’ but it’s something I need to get off my chest of course.

I hope to keep the site updated with my writing process and some reviews and perhaps even the college life!


Character Voice

Finishing the book seems to be a chore to me. I never expected writing a novel to be easy. In fact I put it off for the longest. But I kept working on this book. I am so close to finishing but it’s not fun at all. I like looking back and reading my work but writing the ‘boring’ parts is taxing.

When I started to get back into writing I usually wrote the fun parts first. With the Mondian Chronicles I jumped into the juicy stuff. The meat of the story. But with Chloe’s book I started from the beginning. I distinctively recall that writing the sleepover was the most fun. When I say those words flowed easily I’m dead serious. My fingers did not hesitate on the keyboard.

I guess I could write out of order but I just feel like it would create an unnecessary mess. I don’t want to have to piece everything together.

But I started this post because I wanted to write that I am finally getting a grip on Jordana’s character voice. I had my first thirty pages critiqued and my partner told me that Jordana seemed flat. I’ve been trying to get inside her head. This morning I was looking over stuff I had written related to her character and all of the sudden this voice popped into my head. I was reading it but it was in her voice.

So that excited me. Now I’m trying to figure out what is going to happen in the lead up to Thanksgiving in Chloe’s world and I’m trying to figure how to show more of Jordana’s personality for the rewrite. All in a day’s work.

Work in Progress: When Chloe Met Jordana

I wrote a bit on Chloe’s book tonight. I actually like what I have. It’s more introspective. A great majority of my writing is made up of dialogue but I’m trying to add more layers to it. Dialogue is great but it can’t stand alone.

I added a new page here. It’s sort of a landing page for stuff I’ve written and posted online. It’s to give prospective readers a taste of what I do.

I thought I’d post an excerpt here tonight. I’ve been working on this book for about a year now. I want to share with you a scene from the sleepover. This entire chapter just flowed from my fingers. It was the most fun to write.

Chloe got up and left the room. She walked uncertainly down the hall. It was clear that Stefania and Xandra had been over many times. She felt a pang of jealously which confused her so she ignored it.

She found the bathroom. Closing the door behind her she turned on the shower and shed her clothes and stepped inside.

She thought of Jordana as she washed her hair. She hadn’t made her feel welcome. Chloe thought to herself but Stefania and Xandra had taken to her instantly. Jordana was the type of her person that drew others to her. Even she felt strangely drawn to her. It was like Jordana was a magnet and she was the metal.

Turning off the water she stepped out. She opened the closet door and reached for a towel. She dried herself and slipped into the pajamas. They smelt like her.

She walked back into the bedroom to find the girls crowded on the bed. They looked up at her expectantly.

“What’s going on…?”

“TRUTH OR DARE!” Stefania said.

The gist of this story is that Jordana moves to town. Chloe is the narrator. She’s popular by association. At first Chloe is hesitant to be seen around Jordana but as she grows closer to her she realizes that she likes her and she realizes she might like her a little too much. This story is a romance of the young adult variety. I’m nearing finishing but I’ve fallen behind.

2nd Draft…?

I started a second draft of my manuscript now titled as Art or Die. I had a serious title for my story which I’m envisioning as a coming of age plus young adult romance. But then I started thinking up names for other stuff and basically the title was too serious.

Art or Die concerns 16 year old Chloe Parker an aspiring young artist. Her parents are professionals that don’t think art is a suitable career. The story opens with Chloe meeting Jordana who has moved to Pinewood with her family to help her ailing grandfather. Norene, the Queen B of the 10th grade, doesn’t take too kindly to Jordana whom Chloe has been spending more time with. Chloe is caught between her loyalty to Norene and her burgeoning feelings for Jordana.


I have 50 pages of my original manuscript. I started it back in June 2013 with like the first page before I really started writing on it. I started outlining after the first chapter. I like the first draft but from what I have written of Art or Die I like the tone better. So do I continue to write on the first draft so I’ll have a blueprint or do I finish outlining Art or Die? Hmmm the choices…

Scene 3 finished!

A week passed while I worked on other stuff instead of the first draft of Chloe’s book. I got stuck on where to go with the next scene in chapter 4. Perhaps I was lazy or maybe I needed to work on other things but today I decided to google help of writing scenes and tons of stuff popped up…god I love Google.

Anyway I’ve written 1.2K on the second half. Chloe and Norene’s relationship is getting rocky. They’ve been friends for awhile but they are the type of friends that argue a lot you know what I mean? I intended for her relationship with Jordana and Maura to contrast that.

Now I think I need to work on finishing one of the short stories. I found a literary magazine with a theme that could fit either story that I’m writing but I am sooo freaking lazy I swear to the Almighty.


So let’s see how has my writing been in the past few weeks:

Well for one thing I’ve taken to writing more poetry. I guess it has something to do with the fact that I feel restless and I don’t have energy to write as much as I did previously.

But I have to say I am really enjoying it. I think I’ve written about thirteen poems? Which is lot considering I usually only managed about two or so when I was writing my serials and they were usually focused on my characters. No this poems are much more personal.

I did start writing on another story though but not the original l&d that I started back in July. I’m sort of stalled on that one and I’m not particularly stalled on that one.

But on the above story I’m trying to figure out a name for it. I have it titled Colette in Love in the document but I was thinking of changing the name to Unconditionally which sort of fits with the overall theme that runs through the novel which is unconditional love. What do you guys think?


Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about writing and books in general. It’s a constant in my life that no matter what other hobbies I may acquire, I always come back to those two.

For the last thirty minutes, I’ve been thinking about my novel, Song of Delilah. I had a hazy idea of what I wanted the novel to be about, it grew from something I had heard years ago. But only now I am actually starting to vaguely piece together ideas to make a coherent whole.

I’ve been looking up some medical issues that will occur in the main story. My original idea seemed really far fetched, so I scrapped that, but in searching for a suitable illness for my main character it brought me back to myself.

I’m not going to go into detail, but I will say that my own issue may very well come into handy while writing this book. I can foresee my heroine, Delilah, having the same thoughts I’m having at the moment.

This concludes my major developments in writing. Thank you and good night.