Fun with Kodak Fun Saver

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally making a move on getting my many rolls of film developed. I think I’m up to 30 rolls and that’s not including this batch of photos from the Kodak disposable camera.

I shot this roll in September 2017 right after I shot the Fuji Superia Quick Snap. Like immediately after because I was out and bought the camera at the Walmart I was at and finished it that day.

I’ve been pretty slow and getting my rolls developed, but not slow at shooting film. My Diana Mini has been in use since I bought her for my birthday. I can’t say the same for my Canon AE-1 because the shutter is stuck. I haven’t sent it off to get fixed because I am a massive procrastinator obviously.

Here are some of the photos from this roll. I like how they looked compared to the other films I’ve used (which for clarification is Fuji Superia 200 and 400 and Lomography 400). I’m not sure which film is used in this camera, but I really like it. I’m thinking of buying some of the UltraMax film and giving it a go.

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