Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about writing and books in general. It’s a constant in my life that no matter what other hobbies I may acquire, I always come back to those two.

For the last thirty minutes, I’ve been thinking about my novel, Song of Delilah. I had a hazy idea of what I wanted the novel to be about, it grew from something I had heard years ago. But only now I am actually starting to vaguely piece together ideas to make a coherent whole.

I’ve been looking up some medical issues that will occur in the main story. My original idea seemed really far fetched, so I scrapped that, but in searching for a suitable illness for my main character it brought me back to myself.

I’m not going to go into detail, but I will say that my own issue may very well come into handy while writing this book. I can foresee my heroine, Delilah, having the same thoughts I’m having at the moment.

This concludes my major developments in writing. Thank you and good night.


I’m usually not this bad at updating my blogs. I swear I’m not but if you’ve ever played a Sims game, then you know how it goes.

Then there was the health problems I’m still dealing with. Things are getting resolved, but things have gotten a bit more hectic in the past few weeks.

But I’m proud to say that I think I’m getting back into my writing mode. I’m starting smaller than I usually set my goal at, but hey anything is better than nothing right?

And I have an idea for a ~novel~. I have another novel tentatively titled Song of Delilah that has been on the back burner. I guess you could say I’m still working on researching it and it has a lot of kinks. Not to mention I haven’t actually written an actual word for it yet.

But still things are coming along. I’m trying to make some changes in my life. I’m trying to be more focused, I guess you say. So like my writing, my life is a work in progress as well.

That’s all for now. I’m not going to make any promises, but I think I might be back a little sooner this time.