2015 Manga/Graphic Novel Challenge

And I also read manga. I’ve never read anything that has been classified as graphic novel. (I’m being technical here. I usually read manga but nothing that is independent on its own.) I want to get back to my animanga roots so I’m signing up for this challenge. I’m doing the Modern Age level. One comic to read and review a month. Wish me luck!

2015 Contemporary Reading Challenge Sign Up

Hi guys. You know I read romance right? Well I want to stretch my wings a bit. (Not much but normally I read historical and more often YA.) So I’ve decided to sign up for this challenge. I’m doing the 1st base level and trying to read 1-5 books. (I’m leaning towards 5. I know have books that fit this challenge and this will force me to read them. :P) So here’s the badge.

2015 Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge