I’m making progress on my ~novella~. I’m practicing writing longer stories and so far I have almost 6k on this so I’m proud of myself for sticking with it. The plot has expanded a bit from what I originally wrote in the initial outline though but I’m really excited to write this story!

Three Days in Counting!

Alright you guys. Today makes the third day that I had written 1k! You don’t know how excited I am. I have fell off my regular writing schedule in a major way…thanks Sims 3. But I think I’m getting back in the groove!

And I’m fleshing out more characters for TMC! I also need to work on my other stories, but I’ll take what I can get haha. What about you guys? How’s your writing going?

Ten Years Later

In 2012, I wrote about 175,000 words. I don’t think I’ve ever written that much before then. 2012 was the year I started to taking my writing seriously.

Most of this word count came from my verse, The Mondian Chronicles. This particular verse started in earnest in 2011, but I had had the idea since I was at least twelve or so.

For the longest time I didn’t know what genre TMC fit into. It wasn’t really alternate history as it didn’t deviate from any known history. No, TMC is heavily inspired by real history, but the people themselves are entirely fictional as is their world.

One of my friends mentioned it was fantasy since the world was made up. I was hesitant to call it that because honestly this world REALLY doesn’t have many fantasy elements  aside from a few appearances from dead characters that could be taken as hallucinations or dreams.

But this year I figured out what it would be: mannerpunk or fantasy of manners. I was so ecstatic to learn that there was a label for my story.

BUT anyway, I wanted to post a piece from the series here. I don’t write this or any of my other serials in order though. But this piece takes place after the main action of the 1120s when Henri, Marguerite’s father,  did away with her mother leaving her and her older sister without their much loved Maman. Marguerite is around 20 in this, having been born in 1121.

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