Well early this morning I finished working on a short story. It’s my first one that is self contained. I started a few weeks ago but then I fell into a funk so it got set on the backburner. But it is done! I’m going to have some people look over it before I even think about submitting it.

And while I’m talking about submitting, I’ve sent out a few of my poems to a literary magazine. This is the first time I’ve done this since I was like a teen and that whole deal was a vanity press though I didn’t realize it until like way later. I still wish I had a copy of that particular poem.

But today I have been productive. Of course my word count isn’t as high as it was last year but it’s still pretty good for someone that hasn’t been really focusing on writing like they should!

New Year, Same Goals

Wow it has certainly been awhile since I last posted here, hasn’t it?

The year came to end and my word count for it (At least from May 2012) was around 175, 000 words. That wasn’t too bad. For 2013, I signed up for two word tracking programs, but of course I forgot to follow the directions of one of them, so I don’t have access to the group and I don’t want to look like a fool and oh well.

I haven’t started too many projects haha. I did write a sort of apocalyptic one shot for a community that I’m apart of, that may get turned into a book/series or whatever. But since I’ve posted here I have had ideas for a few more things and I’ve done a few notes.

My word count so far for this year is at: 18,204. So things are going pretty well. Now I just need to get my personal life under control, but that’s better said than done right?

Until next time! 

Goodbye October, Hello November

So October was a rather sucky month for me writing wise. Not one in the month did I meet my daily word count (1K since sometime in May.) My monthly word count was lower than the previous months, but according to my spreadsheet I met the word count I was supposed to even if it was rather low.


I was rather spotty as well. I would write one day, skip the next and then write the next day and so on. Normally if I don’t meet my goals, I don’t throw a fit. But compared to my previous months, clearly I was out of whack.


I was talking to one of my writer friends about it and she asked me why I thought I had underperformed. It wasn’t because I wasn’t inspired rather I wasn’t really motivated.



Looking back at the month in review, I can confidently say that was the problem. I just kind of slacked off. My discipline, I need it back. I’ve written 894 words today. Closer to my goal. I’m going to still work towards writing the 1k.



Other than that, related to my writing, I ordered some books that will help aide my in research of my series. So I’ll probably be returning to the RL series instead of just focusing on the TMC verse. So exciting.


Until next time, guys. And good luck to those of you who are participating in NaNoWriMo.